Beach Babes!

We’ve some gorgeous new necklaces coming in from Australia soon…


Bridget Bodenham

Bridget Bodenham

I stumbled across the work of ceramicist Bridget Bodenham while perusing the Finders Keepers website the other day. Having lived in Australia for two years with Rog (who was born there), I have always kept an eye out for up-and-coming Australian artists to feature on Howkapow – even if the shipping and import duties sometimes are rather eye-watering!

Bridget Bodenham lives and works in a bushland setting in country Victoria, Australia. Her studio is a converted shipping container overlooking her veggie patch and friendly feathery chooks. Bridget works full time making ceramic serving ware, tableware, utensils and jewellery as well as planter pots and flower vases.

Bridget Bodenham 02

Bridget Bodenham 03

Bridget feels a connection to her surrounding landscape and interprets the tones and textures in her work. She takes great care in creating each piece by hand and firing them up to three times in her large gas kiln. Each firing is totally unique resulting in one off pieces. I love her splashes of gold combined with her rustic feel – a bit of glam which is rough around the edge.


Happy Pancake Day!

Love this illustration by Dick Vincent – Happy Pancake Day everyone! Have a flipping good one x



I like these simple typographc ceramic Beat Mugs from Playtype that we found in Paris this January. Perfect for musos… which one are you?












New This Week… Ash Gold Dipped Charm Jewellery!

We’ve beautiful new porcelain jewellery from our best-selling designer Ash Meadows in this week! Choose from our 14K Gold Hexagon Necklace, 14K Gold Dipped Earrings or 14K Gold Dipped Horseshoe Necklace… Ash’s jewellery has been a great hit on the shop since we launched her last year, so we decided to expand the range with this dainty little trio.

We’ve popped some behind-the-scenes pictures of our shoot too! There was a wedding / confetti theme that we channelled – inspired by the horseshoe.







Valentines Day Edit


1. Dessert Plates in Rose and Gold by Suite One Studio / 2. Garden Rose Candle by Le Feu De L’Eau / 3. Minimalistic Tiny Gold Plated Brass Single Heart Earrings by Eried / 4. Orange & Pink Floral Necklace on Howkapow / 5. Love Potion Card by Red Cap Cards / 6.  Pink Love Salts by Fig+Arrow / 7. Mörk Even Darker 85% Hot Chocolate by Mörk / 8. You’re The Cat’s Meow Card by Rifle Paper Co. / 9. Scandinavian Heart – Open Edition Giclee Print by Dee Beale / 10. Spot Wine Glass – Red on Howkapow / 11. Rose Geranium & Patchouli Classic Candle on Howkapow


New This Week… Valentines Day Edit!

La la la! Love is in the air! This week our hearts are all a-flutter as we prepare ourselves for Valentines Day! We went with a simple positive / negative space theme with our scroller and creative this week – playing on the idea of hearts being made into one by the reflection of their other halves. Nice and conceptual! We worked simply with paper, light and a sharp knife – and we’re pretty happy with the results! Find all our Valentines Day gifts here… Mwah! x



Tina Frey

I love the work of Tina Frey – an American designer who works in resin. Tina draws inspiration from many sources.  The fluid lines of her silhouettes are reminiscent of the blue sea, while the organic contours of each piece emulate the curves of nature.

Tina sculpts all her pieces by hand in San Francisco, California.  Sculpting starts with an idea which focuses on simplicity and function. The idea serves as the  backbone when Tina sculpts each piece in clay.  Hand made molds are created from each design and are used to cast the vessels in small batches by color.  Each piece is hand sanded and carries a unique beauty that ensures the quality and integrity of each piece. Her pieces are ethereal, classy and timeless…

tina frey 02

tina frey 03


Ten Best Typefaces

Here’s our round up of ten of the most quirky Alphabets we have come across in the past few weeks. Above is Lotte Alice’s rainbow-hued Stitched Font, then as we scroll down we find Belgian designer Clotilde Olyff’s beachcomber typeface.

Following that we have Present & Correct; the Negative Paper Font by Oeil Bleu; a Paper Clip Font by Handmade Font; a Banana Typeface found on Design You Trust; a stunning Architecture Font by Peter Defty; an illustrated Alphabet by Charlotte Trounce; a wonderful Matchstick Font by Spenser Garden and last but not least a Collage Font by Leon Papa.











One day, all things pourable will be made from glitter…

Our Grey Milk Jug checks into the jazzification station here at Howkapow!