Nikki Couppee

Nikki Couppee! Here is a jeweller whose work I just can’t get enough of. Each of her hand-crafted pieces are colourful, unconventional and totally unique – veritable pieces of wearable art. Her work has kept on getting better and better over the last few years.

Hailing from Florida in the US, she uses plexiglass, brass and found objects as stand-ins for precious gemstones such as diamonds and rubies as well as costly materials such as gold to create her asymmetrically designed pieces.



By using everyday materials, she is able to create her own versions of expensive gemstones – playing with their size, shape and quantity in order to satisfy her aesthetic needs.

I think her pieces are all the better for it – who needs a tiny emerald when you can make your own huge one from plexiglass? Find a few pieces of her work on Etsy but for a better overview of all her covetable pieces head to her website.



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Belvoir_Bubble Glasses

Belvoir Cordial & Bubble Glass Competition!

We’ve teamed up with our friends from Belvoir Cordials this week in a giveaway perfect for sunny Summer afternoons! For the next seven days, we’re giving you the chance to win a set of Bubble Glasses and a pack of three delicious Belvoir Cordials on Twitter.

The flavours include the classic Elderflower, Rhubarb and Strawberry and Blackcurrant and Apple. All you have to do is retweet the post and / or follow to enter! Good luck!


not entirely SQUARE


I’ve admired the work of Australian design duo, Inaluxe, for many years now. A small design team consisting of Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd which was founded in 2006; their studio is located in the Grampians, Victoria, Australia and their work has a colourful, mid-century retro style.

They work mostly in gouache, ink, and acrylic paint as well as paper, wood panels, and linen and are mostly influenced or inspired by the natural world: organic forms found in nature; the magnificence of birds and animals; fleeting human interactions.

secret surprise -inaluxe


While their designs might be abstract, there is a basis, and human foundation to their existence. They evoke feelings and thoughts, rather than being mere literal interpretations of a subject. Little wonder then that their long-time heroes are Robert Rauschenberg, the early Abstract Expressionists of the 1920′s onwards, and Mark Rothko.

“As well as creating, we enjoy taking our dog Kibi for bush walks, exploring the forests, and getting to know all the amazing wildlife we are now neighbours with,” they explain. “We are avid collectors of vintage objects, furniture, books, and music. We are keen gardeners, and love landscape design, and renovating.” Sounds like our sort of design duo! Nice work Kristina and Jason.


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Stain Tableware

I like the simple but clever concept of Bethan Laura Wood‘s Stain Tableware. A Product Design graduate from the Royal College of Art (who studied under the tuition of Jurgen Bey and Martino Gamper), her set of ‘Stain’ teacups are designed to improve through use.

Her project explores the assumption that use is considered to damage a product – for example, scratches on an iPod or laptop – whereas actually it can also be seen in some cases to add to its aesthetic value and make an inanimate object more personal, depending on how it is used by its owner.

Beth treated the interior surface of each teacup to stain more in certain pre-determined places. The more the cups are used, the more the pattern is revealed! Over time, they will build up an individual pattern dependent on the users personal way of drinking tea.




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Arthur Buxton

“I get up just after 8am most days and listen to the Today Show on Radio 4 whilst I have some fruit and strong coffee for breakfast.

“If it’s Monday or Friday I’ll head for Bower Ashton where I work as a printmaking technician for the University of the West of England in the Screen and Digital Print Studios. Any other day I might be working from home or at Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio where I am in residence with my new company Colourstory Ltd. I cycle in most days but occasionally might drive or walk.

“Most of my own work is digital so days in the screen-print studio are a welcome break away from the computer. I give screen-print workshops to groups of first and second year students from a range of creative disciplines as well as looking after the area during open access time. The screen print studios at UWE are a beautiful space with huge angled windows that look out onto the deer park dotted with ancient oak trees.


“The Pervasive Media Studio is an equally brilliant place to work albeit in a completely different way. There’s a real buzz there due to the carefully selected mix of engineers, producers, artists and academics, which produces really genuine creative work ethic.

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WIN £250 to spend on Howkapow!

It’s Summer! Yes, it is! And our Summer Collection has officially launched. It was a bit of a biggie this time around, with two brand new sections added to the shop within it – a Food Category and a Kids Category which we’re very pleased are proving popular with you all already.

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Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews is an illustrator and printmaker based in Bedfordshire. Since graduating from Falmouth University in 2001 he has worked on a vast number of projects that include book covers, food packaging, maps and editorial pieces. He has worked with clients such as Harper Collins, Macmillan, The Guardian, Waitrose and The Times.



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Father’s Day Giveaway!

It’s Father’s Day next Sunday June 15th – so we’re running a little giveaway over the next few days with a perfect pack of presents for your Pa!

If you fancy winning our Father’s Day gift set – which includes our best-selling Great British Roast Tea Towel (£10); our Condiments & Preserves Set (£10.95) and our Falcon Enamelware Mug (£7.85) – then this is for you!

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In the meantime browse our Gifts for Dad category for some more inspiration! Good luck x

Sweet Jewellery!

Here’s something for us ladies with a sweet tooth! The mouth-watering (unfortunately inedible) concept jewellery of Lithuanian designer, Vilma Keleciute and her brand Tadam.

Winner of the Lithuanian National Good Design Award 2013, the collection – entitled The Sweet Course For Your Eyes – is series of mini donuts, chocolates, biscuits and peanuts all strung on gold plated sterling silver chain.


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For The Love Of… Plates!

Everybody needs plates, so why shouldn’t these plates be worthy of a smile!? I feel these tick all the right boxes – from fruit and veg related ones to hybrid versions and ones with faces on. Some are more conceptual than others – but they’re all useable! If you need a daily plate hit, check out blog A Plate A Day which never fails to provide plate inspiration from around the world.For-The-Love-Of...-Plates1. Beat Up Creations by Angela Rossi / 2. Chaos Theory Plate by Eliza Bott / 3. Hybrid Plates by Seletti / 4. Let Them Eat Cake Plate by House of Rym /  5. Patternity Plate & Details From Willow Plate by Richard Brendon / 6. Artichoke Plate by Where Five Valleys Meet / 7. Watermelon Plate by Anthropologie