For The Love Of… Tape Dispensers


1. Cracker Tape Dispenser by Pana / 2. Concrete Tape Dispenser by Plant & Moss / 3. Cloud Tape Dispenser by Gongdreen / 4. Wave Tape Dispenser by Igloo / 5. Cat Tape Dispenser by Japan Market / 6. Tape Dispenser by Another Country / 7. Flamingo Tape Dispenser by Anthropologie / 8. Squirrel Tape Dispenser by Japan Market

Lucie Sheridan - Hot Dog

Lucie Sheridan Photoshoot

For a few months now, we’ve been taking all our own photos for the Howkapow shop homepage. Each one is its own little project and we try and do a shoot every Wednesday afternoon – normally it’s me, Siobhan and an intern but it can vary depending on the complexity of the shoot and how much work we all have on.


Cat has a quick look and OK’s the art direction and styling, and then we get down to the shoot itself – sorting out lighting and light sources, any props etc.

Once we’re happy with a range of photos then we bring them all into Photoshop for a quick clean and re-touch, before adding typography and style guides and saving them out in a range of different sizes.

Lucie Sheridan Hot Dogs

This shoot features Lucie Sheridan‘s range of Sausage Dog homewares and accessories. We had kept Lucie’s painting of the Sausage Dog that she did for the front desk of our Cabot Circus pop-up shop which gave us an excellent backdrop for the shoot. Then it was just a case of lighting well and adding a few props and we had a brilliant little scene!

Jean Jullien

We’ve loved the work of Jean Jullien – a French graphic designer living and working in London – for many years now. Jean completed a graphic design degree in Brittany before moving to London where he graduated from my old college Central Saint Martins in 2008, and the Royal College of Art in 2010.



His “La Plage” or “Beach” Exhibition previewed at one of our favourite (and appropriately named) gallery spaces, Beach London, last year and we were immediately taken by his signature bold use of block colour and tongue-in-cheek subject matter. With prints drolly given names such as ‘Perv’, ‘Bum’, ‘Whodunnit’ and ‘Lurker’ – Jullien presents men as predatory but hapless observers of the women on his beach, who seem blissfully aware they are being oggled.




Make sure you check out the rest of his site for a range of his other satirical yet playful social observations, and make a little detour to Niwouinwouin – a French electronic music label who Jullien collaborates frequently with and whose mixes we’ve been enjoying in the studio. Troll Slayer is a tune!



Eleanor Meredith

“Recently I got a cat, she likes to breakfast quite early, so I’m up around 7.30 and we have breakfast together. Normally it is porridge – if I push the boat out then I’ll add an apple or a banana. I cycle to the studio (in Netil House, London) on my bike the Falcon. It’s ten minutes away from my house so I’m pretty lucky that it is so near.

“When I get to work, I brew a bucket-sized cup of tea and rifle through the post. I chat to Claudia (who I work on children’s newspaper The Loop with) about goings ons. We also share the studio with graphic designers and architects so there is quite a bit of a mix of people about.



“An average day is a mix of emailing and organising. I try to just keep emailing to the morning, but it often fails. There is a lot of back and forth getting things arranged with The Loop. Recently we’ve been working on the redesign for Issue 5, so it has taken a bit longer getting it right. Depending on where we are at with The Loop, it might be commissioning or editing.

“I try and bring a packed lunch – normally something a little worthy with chickpeas in”

“We have also got some great new people working with us, so there is often a meeting with them once a week.  This afternoon I am trying to correct some things on our website.

“At lunch I try and bring a packed lunch – normally something a little worthy with chickpeas in. Otherwise I’ll just pop down the road to the bakery for a sandwich. We’re a bit spoilt for choice around here, which is great. There is a roof terrace where we can all eat when the weather’s nice. The whole studio eats together which makes you stop, and means you don’t eat lunch in front of your computer.

“Generally leave the studio about 7 I’ll see a friend, or scratch around at home. Dinner is normally a sort of pasta delight and a yoghurty desert. Bed time is about 11, I’m doing a drawing a day just now for a project so try and squeeze that in before I fall asleep.”

Scottish artist Eleanor Meredith lives and works in London. She is publisher and co-founder of The Loop Children’s Newspaper with Claudia Boldt. The Loop Edition 5 is available to buy now. Eleanor also co-founded Bolt Editions and works as an illustrator and teacher and leads workshops at the V&A, Ravensbourne College and the National Portrait GalleryIf you like Eleanor’s work you can buy her Mermaids Print, Gin Slug Tea Towel and Gin Slug Print from Howkapow.




Loop founders: Claudia Boldt (left) & Eleanor Meredith (right). Photo: Samson Lee

Vegetable Tableware

We love the stunning work of Qiyun Deng – a Product Design Graduate from China who recently completed his MA at at ECAL in Switzerland.

His collection of vegetable-themed tableware – “Graft” – is made entirely from bioplastic PLA, a plastic derived from vegetable and plant fibres. His cutlery set is therefore 100% biodegradable and disposable. Nice!

In Qiyun’s beautiful work a celery stem serves as handle for a fork; a petal of artichoke forms a spoon and the outer shell of a melon becomes a bowl. Even though you can throw these away guilt-free, we don’t think we would – would you?

Jon Contino


The excellent work of American artist, Jon Contino. A particularly awesome use of hand-drawn lettering updated in a modern style.

Jon’s work sits in the intersection between time-honoured techniques and modern application. His digitalisation of hand lettering and signage for the modern age have made him a leader in his field. We like it a lot.

Ellie Tzoni

“London based illustrator and graphic designer Ellie Tzoni graduated with a degree in Illustration and Animation from Kingston University in 2011. Like most creative minded people she enjoys exploring and the simple pleasures of life.


Ellie has received commissions from clients such as Computer Arts Magazine, Grafik Magazine, Oh Comely Magazine and Save The Children over the past few years.


Her use of bold colour together with a dynamic combination of shapes and textures, are the building blocks of her strong compositions. These shapes conjoin and invite the eye across the page on a texture-enriched journey.

Overlays of pattern build up and infuse the pieces with a sensory stimulating effect.

‘The Whale’ is an example of her clean minimalist style created using the more painterly printing technique of monoprinting. This is where only a single impression can be made from an inked block, where lines and textures can be manipulated into the work through varying pressures.

The power of this picture not only lies within its textures but in how Tzoni has made the invisible visible. Cyclical rhythms within the fish have formed a narrative within a narrative paying tribute to her effective use of layering in evoking depth beyond the picture itself.

Many of Tzoni’s themes are based around everyday objects, which she highlights in a light hearted yet delicate and beautiful style. Ellie has only just embarked on her career as an illustrator and we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future!”

Hannah Makepeace is currently studying Illustration at the Cardiff School of Art & Design. She interned with Howkapow in March 2014 as part of her degree. Browse Hannah’s portfolio here.

Tales You Lose


Tales You Lose is the brainchild of Andre Levy – a Brazilian designer based in Frankfurt, Germany. “We are constantly surrounded by pop figures – in films, in music, comics, and even in gossip magazines. They are sometimes our escape from reality, our fantasies. Coins portray something opposite: the real, the everyday.”  Karl is our favourite.