For The Love Of… Plates!

Everybody needs plates, so why shouldn’t these plates be worthy of a smile!? I feel these tick all the right boxes – from fruit and veg related ones to hybrid versions and ones with faces on. Some are more conceptual than others – but they’re all useable! If you need a daily plate hit, check out blog A Plate A Day which never fails to provide plate inspiration from around the world.For-The-Love-Of...-Plates1. Beat Up Creations by Angela Rossi / 2. Chaos Theory Plate by Eliza Bott / 3. Hybrid Plates by Seletti / 4. Let Them Eat Cake Plate by House of Rym /  5. Patternity Plate & Details From Willow Plate by Richard Brendon / 6. Artichoke Plate by Where Five Valleys Meet / 7. Watermelon Plate by Anthropologie

Geoff McFetridge

We love the wonderful paintings and prints of California-based designer and illustrator, Geoff McFetridge. Actively working since the early 1990s, (and member of the Beautiful Losers collective) McFetridge has become an icon in the design world for his powerfully communicative and well considered works.

McFetridge’s pieces are strong, effective and admired for the simplicity and white space he uses as well as the flat, flawless painting in some of his more recent images. The pieces he creates are often a suggestion that allow the viewer to fill in the blanks…




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Food Art!

We were always taught not to play with our food, but how can you not be inspired to fiddle with your discarded tangerine skin when there is food art like this around? Granted, some of these are high on the tack-factor scale and probably helped along with a little heavy photoshopping and super-gluing – but some are also downright genius!

Sourced from around the web, I wish I could get a makers credit for each of these but their creators are elusive and difficult to track down – not only that, but the cake turntables for example, have clearly been around for a few decades! I love them all, but which ones are your favourites?



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Win 12 Pieminister Pies, a Signed Pieminister Cookbook & a Falcon Enamelware Pie Set!

Our competition this week is close to our hearts – and bellies! We’ve teamed up with Bristol pie institution, Pieminister (who also happen to be our neighbours) and are giving away 12 Pieminister Pies, a signed copy of the Pieminister Cookbook ‘A Pie For All Seasons’ and one of our Falcon Enamelware Pie Sets – so you can make your own pies at home!

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