Lucie Sheridan

“I have an alarm these days – I never know when it will do off – keeps me on my toes! Her name is Belle, our 1.5 year old.

“If it’s a working day for me I cannot get out of the house quick enough – I will have packed the panniers on the bike – ready to set off early to the studio dropping her off at nursery on the way. She has her breakfast and I eat some oats or toast at my studio. Coffee maker is on around 10.


“I have a strict ‘list’ of achievable items for the day. These will often be desk bound for emailing or designing early on… and gradually I get more logistical or physical (screen printing) as the day goes on. That’s an ‘average’ day. Sometimes the day can be full on – short breaks – manically trying to complete one of the above!

“I work at Centrespace Studios in the centre of Bristol, there is always a like minded artist not far away if I want to take five – or head to Small Street Expresso for a flat white.

“For lunch St.Nicholas markets is on my doorstep and full of culinary delights from around the world, I pick which country I fancy on the day and pay with my Bristol Pounds of course! Sometimes I am that organized that I will bring in left overs from previous nights din dins.

“I leave my studio around 6pm – and cycle back to collect little’un from nursery. She is in bed pretty quick. Since its summer we have been having a beer in the garden most evenings! – encourages more of a creative thought-process, right?

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Howkapow’s Summer Photoshoots!

We had great fun this Summer shooting our pictures in the studio. We generally tend to shoot a large landscape photo for our homepage scroller on the Howkapow site, combined with a few alt shots for the product photos as well as a picture for our newsletter. It helps to be organised!

This Summer we launched our new Kids Category as well as a new Food Category and had a bumper Summer Sale – so we had a lot of new products to work with…


The pieces above come from our Kids Category – and are all hand-made from British oak by designers, Hop & Peck. Siobhan our studio manager (and super duper illustrator and paper cut whizz!) came up with the idea of putting the toys in a play scene. She storyboarded it all, following that by cutting leaves and roads out of paper and then tweaking it all in Photoshop.


In the above scroller we wanted to showcase our new Flensted Mobiles – all hand-made in Denmark. Siobhan made this purely from digital images in photoshop – with the help of her handy tablet and some imagination. I like the lightness of touch and simple playfulness of the graphic elements.


Our new Food Category launched this summer with this capsule collection of condiments and oils from Makers and Merchants. As there was a lot of text and information on the packaging, we decided to go with a simple scroller – purely typographic with a few on-brand graphic elements (the dotted lines in orange and yellow) to mimic swirls of olive oil.


For our Summer Sale scroller we wanted something simple and bold. After trying out a range of different designs we settled on a straight-forward, retro-inspired scroller loosely inspired by Summer sunshine. We simply arranged a selection of pieces of paper from our studio stash and added a sliver of ‘Howkapow blue’ to bring it more on brand. Boom!



We introduced MillerGoodman’s Playshapes onto the shop when we launched our new Kids Category. Here we simply overlaid some text onto a strong image and picked up on some of the colours in the blocks in the header type to tie everything in.