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‘Tis the season of goodwill so we’ve one more little festive giveaway up our elfish sleeves before this fine old year 2014 is out! This one is simple: if you place an order any time from now until December 10th you’ll be in the draw to getting your entire order fully refunded. Just like that. So effectively you’ll be getting it all for free. Don’t say we don’t spoil you! 😉

The winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email on December 10th about their win. This competition is open to anyone, all over the world! It makes no difference how big or how small your order is, as every order placed will automatically go into the draw.

So make sure you’re in it to win it and browse all our festive offerings online now…

Good luck!
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*Congratulations Sylvie Wright from Norfolk for winning this competition! Thank you to all who entered!*

Great Gift Ideas For £60 & Under!

1. Floating Fish Mobile (£42.95) / 2. Weekend Bag Poppy (£49.95) / 3. Canary Silk & Cotton Blend Scarf (£48.00) / 4. Snowman Print (£50.00) / 5. Branches Print (£50.00) / 6. Navy Lotus Serving Bowl (£45.00) / 7. Round Copper Tray (£44.95) / 8. Tiger Feet Print (£40.00) / 9. My Teapot Grey (£47.50) / 10. Enamelware Pie Set White & Blue (£44.95) / 11. White Bear Black Bear Cushion (£45.00) / 12. Crystal Collar Necklace (£58.00) / 13. My Large Cake Stand Blue (£49.95) / 14. £50 Gift Voucher (£50.00) / 15. Enamelware Bake Set White & Blue (£54.95)

Great Gift Ideas for £40 & Under!

1. Bear Cushion Burnt Orange (£36.00) / 2. Robin & Redcurrant Cushion (£39.95) / 3. Bear Bookends (£34.95) / 4. Dotty Slim Jug (£24.50) / 5. Pantone Coffee Maker Red (£25.00) / 6. Gold Mug Set (£22.00) / 7. Cheese Bite Serving Board (£25.00) / 8. Poker Set (£39.95) / 9. Red British Tractor Toy (25.00) / 10. Lagoon Tableware Set (£21.95) / 11. Las Vegas Shotgun Wedding Scarf (£35.00) / 12. Blossom Salad Bowl (£21.95) / 13. Gold Crystallized Statement Earrings (£35.00) / 14. Trapezing Twins Print (£25.00) / 15. Red Furoshiki Scarf (£29.95) / 16. Terrazzo Drop Black Earrings (£21.95) / 17. Arc Furoshiki Scarf (£29.95) / 18. Popova Necklace (£35.00)

Christmas all Wrapped Up! WIN £250 to Spend on Howkapow this week!

Here at Howkapow we believe Christmas is as much about giving as receiving. With that in mind we thought we’d spring a little five-day competition on you – your chance to WIN £250 to spend on our shop this festive season!

All you have to do to enter is to hop on our shop and tell us what Howkapow goodies you’d spend your £250 on, by filling in the form below. If you win the voucher you can spend it on anything on the shop that you want, it’s completely up to you!

Our competition is up and running and we’ll announce our winner on Monday Nov 24th. If you’re lucky you might have Christmas all wrapped up for you!

Howkapow x

This Competition is now closed. Rowan Mcintosh was the lucky winner. Well done Rowan!

Great Gift Ideas For £20 & Under!


1. Portuguese Serving Jug (£18.95) / 2. Chess & Checkers Set (£19.95) / 3. Swallow Mobile (£10.95) / 4. Rita Earrings Black & Electric Blue (£20.00) / 5. The Tea Towel (£10.00) / 6. Whale Necklace (£20.00) / 7. Turquoise Notebook (£11.95) / 8. Tribal Burst Necklace (£19.95) / 9. Reversible Acorn Bonnet Chocolate (£10.00) / 10. Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Set (£14.95) / 11. Mini Facemaker Set (£19.95) / 12. Gold Crystalized Studs (£12.00) / 13. Be Bold Print (£20.00) / 14. Butcher Cuts Oven Glove (£14.00) / 15. Bubble Glass Lagoon Carafe (£14.95) / 16. Jansen Mug (£9.95) / 17. Hedgehog Cushion – Burnt Orange (£18.00) / 18. Bambino Cup Set Lagoon (£16.95) / 19. Howkapow £20 Gift Voucher / 20. Enamel Serving Tray (£19.95)

Lorena Marañón

Born in 1988 in Holguin, Cuba Lorena Marañón is a textile artist with a love of colour and skill in craft that I find captivating. Currently living and working in Miami, Florida she began embroidering in 2009 by producing small and experimental pieces that became the foundation of a four year jewellery business.

I really wanted to get some of Lorena’s pieces on Howkapow, but their one-off nature and the fact they took (understandably) many weeks to create meant we couldn’t quite make this happen. Since then, her jewellery has taken a back seat and she now makes highly complex, meditative pieces as an abstract form of expression.


When Lorena works, broken symmetry guides her intuition and she sews her surfaces in a seemingly haphazard but highly sensitive way. Very often, a final piece and its process are dictated by a her need to glamourise colour and pattern through miniature scales. Little abstract shapes, squares, optical illusions and floral motifs play work together in perfect harmony to create beautiful, one-off pieces.

Ultimately Lorena wants to explore and transmute ideas through needlework (and more recently, patchwork) and I think she’s doing an inspiring job. Her exuberant use of colour and open-mindedness to shape and scale are second to none. I’ll be following this up-and-coming star for many years to come…