New This Week… HK Living Ceramics

This week on Howkapow we launched a retro-modern collection of Ceramics all the way from Holland. We had some serious fun naming them after 1970s film sirens and models! Say hello to: Mia, Jodie, Jane, Meryl, Sigourney, Dolly and our three Bowls – Faye, Farrah and Olivia. They are all fabulous! Shop the Collection here…

Colour Palette: 014


How To Decorate… A Nursery

Our son Rolo has just turned one and many of our friends who come round with their little ones to play, often comment on his nursery. It took us a while to get the room together but with a little help from our online design shop, Howkapow, various schleps around Bristol furniture and junk shops and many hours trawling the internet, we’re very happy with the results. Still need to glitter the floor though… which leads me to: (Tell me more…)

Colour Palette: 013


Colour Palette: 012


Videos We Love… Béatrice Coron: Stories Cut From Paper

Beatrice Coron creates intricate worlds, cities and countries, heavens and hells! Her patience is inspiring, crafting extraordinary pieces of art from scissors and paper. We love this Ted talk, she has used her creativity to improve public spaces and the environment. Going the extra mile, we could all take a leaf from her book!


Colour Palette: 011