Eiko Ojala

Eiko Ojala is a renowned illustrator and graphic designer – arguably most famous for his digitally manipulated paper-cut illustrations. What is intriguing about Ojala is that you never know where the hand-made ends and the digital manipulation begins…

Ojala lives 
in Tallinn, Estonia, and likes
 to study the forms of shapes – working closely with light
 and shadow. His illustrations are minimal, and combine consummate craftsmanship
 with a healthy sprinkling of wit. We love his innovative use of old and new techniques to create a visual language entirely his own.





Nat McComas

Natalie McComas is an Australian photographer based out of the Gold Coast but who is always on the road. Her travels enable her to freelance for national and international clients and publications for a range of editorial, commercial and documentary work.

She has worked for Frankie Magazine, Peppermint Magazine and the Smith Journal and I love her simple, quietly humorous style. Her lighting is bright and crisp, her subject matter (a little like fellow photographer Martin Parr) is mundane, yet beautiful. Make sure you check her work out… and my god do I WANT this Pom Pom Coat!

Natalie McComas Photography Howkapow Blog

Natalie McComas Photography Howkapow Blog 03


sharpened 175%, T=8, R= 1.5

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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


Ribbons from Jen Gotsch

Beautiful festive ribbons from Jen Gotsch – Happy Holidays everyone!


Jessica Dance

I remember having a market stall next to lovely Jessica Dance once on a blustery Sunday in London many years ago. The art director and model-maker had some amazing jewellery made from purple and gold juggling balls, with long flowing Cadburys-coloured purple ribbon – to this day I very much regret not having bought some!

So I was delighted to find some of Jessica’s latest work the other day – a highly skilled collection of knitted lambswool sundries produced in collaboration with photographer David Sykes looking at comfort food: low in calories, high in wool! From a distance these objects could pass as the real thing, and recreate a woolly nostalgia for British cafes and fast food restaurants. Dance makes all of the objects at home using 100% lambswool on a domestic knitting machine – what a clever lass! We can’t wait to see more of her work.











Tatiana Khlopkova

Tea-Shirt… a wonderful little project by Tatiana Khlopkova.


Leah Jackson

We love the work this girl makes! Cheerful, care-free Aussie vibes…

leah jackson howkapow blog 02

leah jackson howkapow blog

Wotsit Nessie!

Wotsit? Nessie of course! Love this from Matt Steele

matt steele

Beautiful Pencil Shaving Art…


Found on CrushCulDeSac x