Mum is the word – let’s hear it for the Mums!

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Hi all…. Welcome back to Howkapow and massive thanks to all those of you who have already ordered since we relaunched last week; we hope you are liking the products we’ve chosen so far to stock the shop, and that you’ll continue to keep an eye on what’s still to come… new things are landing every day.

We are known to our friends as Mims and Pea, and we are looking forward to introducing ourselves properly… but there’s plenty of time for that. In the meantime:  Let’s hear it for the Mums!!!

I’m hoping for a bracing day out on Mother’s Day – I love that it’s an excuse to do something different. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy to arrive at my mum’s with all the kids in toe and a pile of lovely gifts as a recognition of her hard work (!), then tuck in to a steaming roast dinner (provided by her!). But a day out is what makes memories.

We are Kent based and London is really close, so top of my ‘wish trip’ list is to visit the Josef Frank Exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. I’ve been following the trail of hash-tagged posts on Instagram and it looks all kinds of beautiful!

Josef 3


A trip to Kew Gardens is always a pleasure, and I have some great memories of Kew Garden trips with Mum. The Princess of Wales Conservatory is a winner – just LOOK at all those pricklies.




We have been so busy setting up shop that we’ve hardly had time to think of gifting for our own families. Luckily there is a lot to be inspired by here at Howkapow, and there is something for all the different kinds of mums. Is she an Art loving type? Or a cuddly-snuggle type? Or tea lover? Chocolate lover? Coffee lover? Does she have a fondness of prickly plants, or cheesy plants? And we mustn’t forget the grandmas, and step mums and mother-in-laws.

Here’s a selection of our favourite Howkapow gifts for all the mums out there (it might help you generate a hint list if you are a mum!). And if you are buying for Mother’s Day, or even if you’re not, take advantage of our FREE POSTAGE offer on all purchases. And we are still adding a goodie bag to all orders over £30 to celebrate the site relaunch.





I’ll be back soon… In the meantime, have a wonderful Mother’s Day all you Mums.

Mims x

Untitled 1977


Wolfgang Schmidt, 1977

Kelly Reemtsen

Los Angeles-based painter Kelly Reemtsen‘s work focuses on well-dressed women toting household tools that range from mallets and hammers to power saws, each held in a causal position that demonstrates a comfortableness with the object in-hand. Each woman is anonymous, her head not included in the cropped images of dress, heels, and tool.

Her bright, impasto paintings juxtapose bright dresses and power tools to wonderful effect. It’s a delightful combination of 50s housewife-meets-B&Q. Love it.








Ugo Rondinone


#sevenmagicmountains #lasvegas #ugorondinone #rockart #artinstallation

Sebastiaan Bremer

Dutch artist Sebastiaan Bremer turns photographs – found vintage ones, or snapped himself – of him and his family into trippy memories full of nostalgia and poetry. I really like how he has delicately and laboriously painted on top of these family skiing snapshots – adding colour and magic to create the impression of a hazy, but happy, memories.






Ana Ventura

Ana Ventura

Kate Pugsley

Love the work of Kate Pugsley!kate-puglsey-howkapow-03




Beards As Mammals

The beard-as-trend shows no signs of abating – but Schick have played with the idea of ‘beastly beards’ with the help of Y&R New Zealand. Trying to encourage their customers to shave before their beards get out of hand, they’ve come up with a trio of bizarre but mesmerising images of men whose beards have turned into cute and fluffy mammals… Check out the full post on Designboom – which also has a fascinating video on how the images were made in Photoshop. Clever stuff.





If you like this, there’s more amazingness on @runnerkimhall 🙂

fry-day howkapow

Julie’s Kitchen

I love the graceful, beautiful work of LA-based Julie Lee… her compositions are so light, colourful and inspired! Her love of food really shines through in her work – which started out as simple ways of showcasing seasonal and local produce from her neighbourhood farmers markets. I want it all on my walls, and all in my tummy too!