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Silk Daisy Chain Set


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Product code: SPO-TO-DCH

Quick Overview

Look amazing in these unique and pretty silk daisy chains. You can wear them in your hair as a haircrown, grip strips of them across the top of your hair, plait or twist them into your hair plait, wrap them around a bun, wear them as an accessory wrapped around your wrist a few times, as a necklace or choker and as a bracelet or anklet.

You can make them as long or as short as you like as you loop each individual daisy together yourself and undo them and make them up as many times as you like, it takes minutes to make a chain of daisies. They will last far longer than real daisies which wilt within a half hour and when you are wearing them you'll be asked if they're real!! 

20 small (all white petals) or large (mixture of yellow and white petals) silk petal daisies with fluffy yellow middles and soft yarn stems with loops for easily joining together. Full length when joined is 80cm. There is ribbon for ending the designs and instructions.